The Future Growth of Our Economy Relies on Entrepreneurs

Small businesses in Ontario account for over 70% of new job growth in the province and it is these entrepreneurs and startups that drive the economy forward. It would make sense then that we would have resources to support these community builders, right? Not quite. As our communities expand our support needs grow with them. South Simcoe Community StartUp was formed out of a need to create and provide the much needed services in support of entrepreneurs and startups, primarily in areas where needs are not currently being met.

The Official SSCS Business Blog

Entrepreneurship Weekly

Entrepreneurship Weekly is a new project focusing on local and regional entrepreneurs contributing their expertise in support of other local small businesses and entrepreneurs! Launching in January 2019, this initiative is part of our overall content marketing strategy to grow awareness about SSCS and member businesses and community business development resources. Interested in contributing to our business blog? Reach out to us for more information at: [email protected]).

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Building Community

South Simcoe Business Directory

Pulling together information from as many sources as we can find, we're building an interactive business directory in support of small businesses and startups in South Simcoe. Soon, gone will be the days when you needed to ask for recommendations on Facebook for a local business that does this, that or the other thing... - you'll be able to shop local both personally and for your business.

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Meet Our Board of Directors

South Simcoe Community StartUp is a registered non-profit & regional business resource community FOR entrepreneurs BY entrepreneurs.

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We are always excited to meet others that are interested in building and supporting local small businesses and entrepreneurs! We'd love to hear from you!